MGR Project UGA Functional Annotation

The Buell Research Group at the University of Georgia has conducted functional annotation of the B73 v4 genome and performed gene expression analyses using the AGPv4 annotation and publicly available RNA-sequencing experiments.

The AGPv4 genome, AGPv4 annotation, and the University of Georgia (UGA) functional annotation is available to download below. The genome annotation and RNA-seq coverage can also be viewed in the JBrowse genome browser. A BLAST server is also available for searching your sequences against B73 v2 through v4 genome and annotation.

JBrowse Genome Browser

BLAST Server

Genome Assemblies

For more information on AGPv4 assembly methods, see Jiao et al. (2017).

To download the B73 AGPv4 genome assembly, please visit MaizeGDB.

AGPv4 Genome Annotation

For more information on AGPv4 annotation methods, see Jiao et al. (2017).

To download the B73 AGPv4 annotation, please visit MaizeGDB.

MSU Functional Annotation

AGPv4 gene models were searched against the PFAM (v31.0) (Finn et al., 2016) and InterPro (v67.0) databases with HMMER (v3.1b2) (Mistry et al., 2013) and InterProScan (v5.28.67.0) (Jones et al., 2014), respectively. Orthologous and paralogous groups were obtained with OrthoFinder (v2.2.0) (Emms and Kelly, 2015) using the v4 MSU representative protein sequences and the representative protein sequences from the other genomes.

For more information on our methods, see Hoopes et al. (2018).


Dr. C. Robin Buell, University of Georgia - (