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MAIZE Project - How to Make a Cornhusk Doll

How to Make a Cornhusk Doll

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Cornhusk, Twine, Scissors
Step One:
Lay out four pieces of cornhusk as demonstrated in the picture to the right. Place a dowel about halfway down from the narrow side of the husk.
Step Two:
With twine, tie the husk tightly to the dowel.
Step Three:
Fold the cornhusk over itself to form a bulbous head for the doll.
Step Four:
Tie a piece of twine around the bulb to form the doll's head.
Step Five:
Take a pair of scissors and even out the bottom of the dress.
Step Six:
Take a piece of corn husk...
And wrap it into an elongated cylinder. Tie it with twine on both ends. This is to be the arms of the doll.
Step Seven:
Lift the backside piece of cornhusk and place the cylinder horizontally and evenly distributed on both sides of the doll's body.
Step Eight:
Replace the backside piece of cornhusk and tie beneath the arms to form the doll's torso.
Step Nine:
Take four to six more cornhusks and place them vertically around the doll's torso to form an elongated dress.
Step Ten:
Tie the cornhusks into place at the torso.
Step Eleven:
Take a small piece of cornhusk, and...
Wrap it around the doll's neck to form shoulders. Tie the piece at the torso to cover the top of the cornhusks that form the dress.
Step Twelve:
Cut the dress to desired length.
Female Finished Result

For a Male Doll
Step Thirteen:
Cut the dress in half vertically down the center, and...
Separate the legs.
Step Fourteen:
Tie each leg at the top, center, and bottom.
Male Finished Result