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Humans have used corn as a staple item in their diet for thousands of years, and this long, important association has provided many interesting topics- How and when did people domesticate corn? How is it used? Why are there so many different kinds of corn? (Did you know that there are thousands of varieties of corn?) What is unique about the genetics of corn and why is it such an interesting species to study? You’ll find the answers to these questions and much more by exploring this website.

Maize Education

GeneticsPeople have used corn for thousands of years and selected many different kinds of corn. Learn about the genetics of this crop from ancient to modern times.

EcologyLearn about the ecology of maize...

CultureLearn about the cultural history of maize...

Kernels of KnowledgeLearn fun facts about corn that you probably didn't know!

Maize ActivitiesLearn more about maize with these fun activities.

Maize History

Archaeological HistoryLearn about the archaeological history of maize.

Maize Historical Events - The Last 500 YearsUse this timeline to explore some major events related to corn's use since Columbus arrived in 1492.

Maize Outreach

Economic Botany Science Box Educators can check out a science box about Economic botany. Science boxes are designed to be used by teachers of grades K-8. Each box has a variety of materials (videos, books, posters, games, artifacts, and objects) on a specific natural history topic.

National Botanic Garden Exhibit Learn about the Maize Exhibit at the National Botanic Garden...